The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

Posted by amanda on Oct 28th, 2008
Oct 28

Piper McCloud upsets her entire small town when she does something that’s never been done before. She flies. Her parents have tried hard to hide her flying as she’s been floating since birth. They’ve homeschooled her and told her to always keep her feet on the ground. Once the media learns of Piper’s special ability, the government swoops in and secret agents whisk her away to secure facility for children with powers. There Piper meets other super-powered children, she makes her first friend, and she uncovers the dark secrets of the seemingly perfect facility director, Dr. Hellion.

This is the story of a girl striving to be true to herself and her gifts in the face of first a small town community stuck in its way and then in the face of a government bureaucracy striving to maintain normalcy. It is almost a parable expanded – the message that unique talents are to be treasured runs throughout.

I felt occasionally the homespun language Piper used and the over-the-top country charm of her hometown were grating, but at the core this was a warm tale with a strong heroine. The switch in perspectives later in the book that let you see Dr. Hellion’s perspective and that of Conrad, a teen boy gifted with great intellect were a bit jarring to the flow of the story, but added a lot of depth. Knowing the motivations of the “bad guys” made this a much deeper story and one that stuck with me after I closed the book. 329p., 2008.

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