Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Posted by amanda on Oct 17th, 2008
Oct 17

Katsa is one of an elite class of people born with special powers. They are called “The Graced” and marked by two non-matching colored eyes. Katsa’s grace is discovered when she kills her cousin by accident. She is a fighter with the power to kill and hurt even if attacked by a whole army. Tired of using her power to enforce King Randa’s power as a hired thug, Katsa forms a secret council to do good works. On a raid to rescue a kidnapped man, she meets Po, a Graced prince and also a fighter. The two unravel the mysteries surrounding the cruel King Leck of a neighboring kingdom.

This is a love story and a grand adventure. It is a great first novel – great fantasy by any standard. The magical powers of the Graced are well imagined. The romance between Katsa and Po runs deep and kept me turning pages. I hope Cashore will write more set in this world. I would highly recommend this to readers who like Tamora Pierce, Victoria Hanley or Megan Whalen Turner. 471p., 2008

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