How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier

Posted by amanda on Oct 13th, 2008
Oct 13

The book takes place in a world where everyone has a luck-granting fairy. Chorlotte (aka Charlie) has a fairy that gives her luck in parking. She can always find a parking place anywhere – concerts, the mall at Christmastime, downtown – anywhere. This seems great, except she hates cars. She really hates being borrowed by her parents, friends and the school bully whenever they need to drive somewhere. She tries to bore her fairy into leaving by walking everywhere so it has nothing to do. After more than a month, it’s still hanging around. When a classmate hatches a plan to get rid of her own unwanted fairy, Charlie joins her in her schemes.

Central to Charlie’s world is the new boy Stefan. He seems to like Charlie, but whenever Fiorenze comes into the room with her “all boys will like you” fairy, Stefan is drawn away to hold her hand and gaze lovingly at her. Would Stefan want to date Charlie if Fiorenze did not have her fairy?

At the beginning of each chapter Charlie tracks the number of school demerits she has, the number of conversations she’s had with Stefan, number of vows to kill school bully Anders, and other important life happenings. These lists remind of the Princess Diaries and this has a similar teen attitude but with magic added in the mix. I also think readers who enjoyed Joan Bauer’s Thwonk, should definitely give this a read.
307p., 2008

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