The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

Posted by amanda on Sep 23rd, 2008
Sep 23

The 39 Clues: Book One
It’s a new media blitz from Scholastic complete with online game and collectible cards. However, the writers they’ve recruited are some of the best Rick Riordan (of Percy Jackson) and Gordon Korman (more books than I could name). I had high hopes for the series. Perhaps, I over anticipated.
The first book was filled with action and a premise with a hook.
Two orphans, Amy and Dan, are offered either a million dollars or a Clue to even greater treasure at the reading of their great aunt’s will. Upon taking the clue, they discover they belong to one of the most powerful families in human history. Here the book takes on a National Treasure-esque plot with Amy and Dan looking in Ben Franklin’s historical papers to find clues. I did like that Amy’s first stop was the library and the librarians helped Amy and Dan on their hunt. The rival factions of their family decide that as Aunt Grace’s favorites Amy and Dan are the team to beat to the clues. This is no loving family as they attempt to poison, bury alive and blow up Amy and Dan to stop them from getting the next clue.
The plotting here was a fast-paced ride, but the characters lacked depth. The mystery seemed too easily solved. I think the book needed to be longer and to have more opportunity to get to know Amy and Dan and their enemies. I found myself not quite knowing why to root for Amy and Dan except that the reader was obviously presumed to be on their side. 2008, 220p.

The book does leave the reader ready for the next book which comes from Korman in 2009. For Stormbreaker fans, this may be a hit. Horowitz’s Stormbreaker is light on character development and heavy on action too.

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