City of Ashes: Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Posted by amanda on Aug 12th, 2008
Aug 12

For all of those disappointed by Breaking Dawn’s weird pregnancy plot, the sequel to City of Bones continues a pure teenage angsty romance about Clary who has fallen for a magically gorgeous guy(okay he’s a demonhunter not a vampire, but he’s clearly not mortal) and their impossible love. There’s also Simon the friend who wishes Clary felt about him the way he feels for her. Clary and Jace seem meant to be together until they find out they are siblings (or are they?). The book has a complete cast of demon hunters, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and fairies.

This is the soap opera story of impossible attraction between the teenage children of Valentine – a dark figure who threatens to destroy the demonhunters in a twisted attempt to cleanse the Earth. Teens Jace and Clary have magical powers granted all with demonhunter blood and some extra powers engineered by the dark Valentine. One wonders what secrets Clary’s comatose mother holds. We are all but promised she will wake in volume three. With Valentine’s return and involvement in a series of murders of Downworlders, Jace becomes implicated as his accomplice. No one trusts him and only he knows how to stop Valentine.

2008, 453p.

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