Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Posted by amanda on Jun 25th, 2008
Jun 25

This was a great read. So, in America in the recent future, teenagers begin coming back from death. These zombie kids are slower to process than the living (traditionally biotic people), but Phoebe’s school has started to admit them as regular students. One higher function zombie, Tommy, joins the school football team and asks Phoebe to be his homecoming date. There’s a lot of fear and persecution surrounding the zombies. Tommy’s attempts to be normal rouse a gang of football players to bully and finally attempt to kill a zombie. They view the zombies as invading their school. Pete, who is a leader of the zombie abuse, is deeply damaged by the death of an old girlfriend and all of his rage turns towards the undead and the living kids who treat them like people. Phoebe wonders what her feelings are becoming for zombie Tommy. Can she love a dead guy? All the while, her longtime living friend Adam pines for Phoebe silently and worries about the dangers of her dating the dead.

This was a great mix of zombie rights issues and a love story. I for one am pulling for a sequel because I still want to know what those guys in the white vans were up to and whether Phoebe can really date a dead guy longterm. Also, still curious about why some teens come back and others don’t. That said, the book did have a very climactic and satisfying ending I just want to read more about the world Waters has built here. 2008, 392p.

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