Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar

Posted by amanda on Jun 6th, 2008
Jun 6

After 6.5 hours of reading (there were breaks for phonecalls and, of course, a strong need to go out for frozen custard). I’ve finished 460 pages and my first book.

The royal dynasty of the MacRinnalch werewolf clan is falling into chaos with the death of the Thane. Two brothers are pitted against each other competing for votes of the ruling council in our to succeed as the next Thane. At the center of the story is Kalix – the youngest teenage sister of the clan who inflicted the injuries that led to the Thane’s death after he banished her lover. The other anchor of the story is the eldest sister of the family, Thrix, who has chosen to live away from the castle and has started her own fashion design house.

The book had a colorful cast of characters. Short chapters from the perspectives of various characters kept the plot racing forward. The fashion-crazed elemental Fire Queen was good comic relief as were the two human college students who take in Kalix. Millar’s werewolf world was a detailed fantasy vision. I think this has strong YA appeal and while the romance is not as central to the plot it is a strong enough component that I think Stephenie Meyer fans should give this a read.

g’night the reading challenge continues tomorrow. . .

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