The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt

Posted by amanda on Jan 22nd, 2011
Jan 22

It’s the best book about an escaped circus pig who takes a job as a nanny that I’ve ever read.
Really it’s one of the most fun books for middle graders I’ve come across.

Nanny Piggins is a charmingly magical character who is put in charge of the three Green children. Mr. Green who is the single parent of the household is miserly and the opposite of fun. Because he is so cheap, the only applicant for the job of nanny is an impeccably-dressed, chocolate-loving pig on the lamb. He accepts her because she offers to work cheaply. Nanny Piggins comes and takes the children on adventures from pie-eating contests to reforming thieves to hiding a dancing circus bear in a garden shed. The Green children experience the transformation of their lives by an exceptional nanny. Clearly the Mary Poppins parallel is there, but this is zanier though just as magical.

I think this has broad appeal for children in grades 3-5. Especially fans of humor.
239p., 2010.

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