Falling In by Frances O’Roark Dowell

Posted by amanda on Dec 20th, 2010
Dec 20

A girl (one Isabelle Bean in this case) who has always felt different opens a door into another world.
She discovers secrets about her family and changes the other world for the better. She becomes less lonely and learns about how friends and family are what truly matter.
It’s happened in other books.
It’s a simple quest of a discovery.

It’s also one of the best fantasies I’ve read lately. The author speaks directly to the reader like a friend. Well, like a slightly, older, wiser friend who is trying not to point out too harshly that you, the reader, really should be following along a bit faster.

While Isabelle would like to discover she is a changeling, she discovers she isn’t quite and the magic she longs for is more gentle than powerful. It’s one of those stories where the girl doesn’t quite get what she wants, but instead is gifted with what she needs.

I appreciated it as an adult with a child of my own, but think middle graders would enjoy the adventure and warmth of it just as much in their own way. Give to readers who love L’Engle and aren’t sure what to read next. 245p., 2010.

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