Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

Posted by amanda on Sep 8th, 2010
Sep 8

I listened to this as an audiobook and it made one heckuva great listen. It was the right mix of action/adventure and gorgeous world building to make one get lost in the listening. If you’ve got a long car trip or a dull commute and you love fairies (not dainty, tea-party fairies, but fierce fairies who are trying to save the world), then this would be a great audiobook for you.

Magpie Windwitch travels the world outside the faerie realm with her band of crows hunting devils that humans seem free from their bottles more often than they should. When the Blackbringr is loosed and threatens the fairie homeland of Dreamdark, Magpie knows that this is no ordinary devil for it was sealed in its bottle by the Djinn King himself. How do you fight a great nothing filled with malicious intent? Magpie is stubborn enough to be the one to try. She will wake the Djinn King and shake the very roots of Dreamdark. She is small, but she is loud, proud and loved by loyal friends.

This book was as fiercely good as its heroine.

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