Lost by Sarah Prineas

Posted by amanda on Aug 1st, 2009
Aug 1

Conn, a master pickpocket and magician’s apprentice, returns in this sequel to The Magic Thief. The stone he used to focus his magical abilities has been destroyed. Now he undertakes explosive pyrotechnic experiments in order to regain his connection to magic. Meanwhile, dark shadow creatures are turning people into stone on the streets of Conn’s home city of Wellmet. Conn travels with the envoy of the Duchess’s daughter to meet the Sorcerer king of Desh. The envoy hopes they can discover the origin of these dark, evil attackers and stop them.

This second book of a series is even better than the first book(which delighted me as well). I became so enchanted with the characters that I missed them after I finished the book. I am impressed with the illustrations and art design of the book which add another layer to this already compelling fantasy. The letters written between characters add depth to the story showing the characters’ personalities in both the handwriting and writing style. I even went to the website and signed up for the newsletter, so I will know when the next book is coming and where the author is signing. This fantasy had a warm quality that reminded me of classic books like the Wizard of Oz or E. Nesbit. I highly recommend this fantasy series to middle graders.  391p., 2009

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